About us

Entrepreneurs Pat Papaccio and Shawn Keep know a good opportunity when they see one. Having college-age kids, they learned first-hand just how terrible dorm mattresses could be. Borrowing technology and experience gained from building Zotto, their online mattress company, Pat and Shawn quickly developed a cost-effective "fix" for crappy dorm-room mattresses – The Zotto Topper!

Utillizing the same cutting-edge technology found in the Zotto Mattress, the Zotto Topper delivers unmatched comfort by continuously regulating topper temperature, providing pressure point relief and protecting against viruses and odors. The magic is found in Zotto's proprietary blend of solid, high-density memory foam infused with ThermaPhase Gel and a patented material that mimics the properties of latex. All together, the Zotto Topper provides a sleep surface that promotes continuous, undisturbed sleep.

About the Zotto Mattress

The Zotto Mattress is the most technologically advanced memory foam mattress available on the market today. The Zotto goes beyond other memory foam mattresses, leveraging cutting-edge foam technology to deliver amazing comfort and deep, continuous sleep – the kind of sleep everyone needs in order to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

Available online via zottosleep.com, the Zotto is handcrafted in the USA and ships free in a small box directly from the factory. Zotto cuts out the middlemen and passes the savings on to its customers – thousands of dollars in some cases, when compared to similarly equipped memory foam mattresses. Zotto’s 100-night risk-free trial ensures peace of mind that you'll get the most amazing sleep you’ve ever experienced or your money back.